Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trying to ESCAPE

Well after Britlyn's nightly 12hours of sleep.. She started to make some noise so I went in to find her stand up in her crib! So I turned around to go get the Camera when I came back he is what I found! Her peeking over the crib ...
Then she went to a stand up! Like she was saying HAHA look what I can do!

Then she decided she was going to growl @ me.
Then it was all over and ready to get out of bed for the day! What a kid we have!
Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you go out shopping on Black FRIDAY.. Have a wonderful time and I hope you get some killer deals!


Hardman said...

She is so adorable! I cant believe how fast she is growing. I luv the utes beanie!!

canchaser_412 said...

oh wow I love them! she is such a lil hoot

canchaser_412 said...

she is such a lil hoot!