Friday, November 21, 2008


Britlyn is ready for the BIG game tomorrow!! As you can see in the Picture we are Ute fans!
This is Terry's favorite picture he this she looks like a ANGEL in it.. lol I think he meant the DEVIL!

So I am really excited for the Game and I am hoping the UTES will KILL BYU! But I know it will be a good game... But I am hoping the UTES come out on TOP! Terry and I have alittle bet going, he will not wear RED tomorrow cuz his Grandma is a HUGE BYU Fan, and of Course he can wear Blue cuz we are UTE fans! So he said he is going WHITE! He is a shit!


Jeremy and Krista said...

Britlyn looks so cute in her beanie!! It's going to be a good game! Take care hope you have a good weekend, I'm going to Kamas so it should be fun!