Monday, August 18, 2008

Wow what a weekend~

Wow we had a fun, long and busy weekend! It started off Thursday night heading down to Henefer to stay with Grandpa and Grandma Diston. Went to dinner with Zach and Paula and of course we had way to much fun! Then we got up early Friday morning and headed for Salina! I love Salina!!! We went barrel racing and got to see Grandpa and Grandma Julian . It was so fun hangout with Mom and Dad have not see them forever and so it was a blast! Not only did we get to hang with them we of couse had lots of fun with Jimmy, ChaBlee, Meka, Clint, Robyn, Betsy, Misty, Alex and Logan!

So I had a great weekend of Barrel racing all my horses did fantastic I was so proud of them! But I think the best of all was TERRY! I entered him in the Mens barrel race that saturday night! he ran my old horse Scooter, and wow they did so good! I have to say my huband looks so cute! He dressed all in PINK! he kills me! He hit 2 barrels but he did great! So lucky for him I am now going to start entering him in the Mens races!

Well I think we will now have some down time for a bit, nothing really planned just waiting to get closed on our house so we can get moved in! WOW we can not wait!


Robyn said...

Yeah Linds!

You updated twice in one week! Hallelouya! Cute pictures of an even cuter than the pictures show baby! She has more personality than alot of adults I know! Kiss her for me! I miss her today.

Love you guys! Robyn

The Norris Family said...

Lindsay- thanks they are a hand full but we love them dearly, Little Britlyn is so stinkin cute, Yeah it would be nice to see everyone again, oh the good ol' days, LOL I am glad you found me. I can't wait to see more pics of the baby of yours, she is so adorable.

Natrat said...

I came across your blog somehow... But this is Natalie (from the vet clinic).. I see that you are a mommy now!! how exciting!! I hope that all is going well for you... Please stay in touch!