Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well today Brit tried Peaches she was not impressed @ all!

And wow did they get everywhere. I have to say though even when she is dirty she is still a little cutie!


Natrat said...

Things are going great just busy, busy busy!! Your 'lil one is a doll!!! So you are livin in Wyoming I see... Do you still talk to Chablee... I miss her to! If you talk to her tell her hi for me... She should do a blog so I can keep in touch with both of you! Are you still runnin barrels quit a bit?

Natrat said...

Scratch that. I just saw that she already has a blog!!

Natrat said...

That is just fine that you emailed her.. Thanks... Honestly I would love to barrel race, but besides the fact that I am not much of a competitor, it is so expensive!! So I will stick w/ the herding cows type riding for now.. But maybe one day I would really like to.. That stinks you are so far from your horses! We live in Lehi, and our horses are in Spanish at my dad's and I really have intentions on riding after work, but I never do b/c I just want to get home... So I have got to get into gear! I have hardly rode at all this year, and I hate it! Life has just been to busy!