Monday, August 25, 2008

Slow weekend

Well nothing really new happening in our world! We are just getting pretty excited about getting into our house! YAHOO, less then a month way.... It is going to be so nice to actually have everything we own in one place.. It has been so crazy we have had everything spread threw out Utah it seems like! But pretty soon everything will be all together, then I am never leaving my house! Okay probably not true but it sounds good..

We had a pretty fun weekend it was nice cuz we actually did not do much! went shopping and hung out saturday and yesterday all we did is hang out and play with Britlyn and the Dogs. Brit is starting to think that Drake (Our German Shepherd) is so cool! All she does is laugh @ him and watch his every move. She really loves Kelcee (our Min Pin) also but Kelcee is more Brits size.

Here our a few pictures from the weekend, she looks so cute she has her lil Camo outfit on! Terry thought it was great!


SARGENTS said...

I can't believe how adorable she is! All that hair! Isn't is so much fun blogging when you have something to brag about! I am glad Chablee emailed you all our blogs so now we can see you and your family! I am the worst at emailing and commenting, but I am trying to get better. I just get in a hurry I guess! xoxox

Natrat said...

So where did you buy a house?? That is so exciting.. The anticipation stinks though..
Yeah, so I don't know if we are gonna come up that way camping or not anymore. We won't leave Lehi til friday about 7, it's a 4 hour drive to where we are going then come home sunday... So it probly won't be worth the fuel.. the way prices are..
Can't wait to see pics of the house!!