Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Morning

Well I think all I do is take pictures of Britlyn! I swear everytime I look @ her she is doing something funny. This morning when she woke up after her 12hrs of sleep that she does everynight! she has learned that she can pull the blanket over her face, and she thinks this is so funny. So I had to take some pictures of course!

Next week we Britlyn, Kelcee, Drake and I plus all the horses, are off the Southern Utah (Enterprise) to go see my parents and hang out for the week and of course do some barrel racing while I am down there!


Natrat said...

I can't get over how stinkin cute she is... You have got a darling lil family..

Robyn said...

What Linds,

Did you forget the bib in some of these shots?

She is such a little cutie!

OMG! I love that little girl!

Love you all!

SARGENTS said...

So Cute, what a trooper to go on the long car rides. My kids would die! Isn't the love for your child the best feeling in the world, and you didn't know you could love something so much...that is why you love taking pictures...I know the exact feeling. They are life fulfilling and precious...(tear)xoxo