Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sweet Potatoes

Okay so Britlyns favorite thing to eat is sweet potatoes so I had to video her today cuz she is so funny to watch! She thinks she is helping me and she is usually not!


Natrat said...

That is so funny!! What a doll!

I actually haven't worked at the clinic for a few months. They hired a new girl and she was working most the saturdays so they just put me on call, and everytime they call I have something going on... So who knows when I will work again... I work at the western store in spanish a couple saturdays a month. So if you are ever down this way stop in. I think we are heading up your way (kinda) for camping over labor day in the Uintahs somewhere..

Natrat said...

Yeah, I just work where ever I am needed... LOL... I think that one of these night before Chablee leaves we should meet up for dinner or lunch or something.. She is probly way busy though gettin ready. But it would be fun..