Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Well Brit and I did some trick or treating today! We went to fox lab and seen Grandma & Grandpa Diston.
Then we went to see Great Grandma Max! She is such a UTES fan!! She was dieing to get her pictures takin with Brit! HAHA!! We also went and seen Vicky & Teresa! They were very hard at work!

GMA Max looks good next to UTES huh!!
As you can tell Brit is a Utes Cheerleader for Halloween this year! She looks so damn cute I think!!

Love this little face!
Gotta ride one of her million horses also in the pic!
Love this one too!
So serious in this one!!
Well hope everyone has a great Halloween! Brit and I are going to try and see more family tomorrow! Wow thank god we don't have a big family!