Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I have really been a slacker on pictures I know... Since like idk how many of you have told me about it!! So here are just a few random pic's.. Sorry I know not the best but I will do better tomorrow!
So Brit is doing a few new things... She is totally wild and has such a temper! So her new favorite place to sit is in the toys!
She just learned how to take her own shirt off today and has been taking off pants for about a week.. Guess she does not like clothes! She kind of looks pissy in this picture!

Learning how to dance! It is so funny she just started this running in place and dancing thing a few days ago! She has been watching dancing with the stars to much I guess!
Pretty proud of herself~
Okay So I will really get some new pictures the next few days! Hope everyone has a great night! I am off to watch Criminal Minds!!! ~ Gotta love Morgan on there!


canchaser_412 said...

oh I love them all... thanks so much for the pics.. my Brit with drawls are better now he he

I just love the pissy face so darn cute