Monday, September 8, 2008

Week of HEAT~

Well Sunday the 31st of August Britlyn, Kelcee, Drake, Scooter, Harley, Tucker and I all headed down to Southern Utah to spend sometime with Grandpa and Grandma, and do some Barrel racing of course! We had a great week last week went shopping of course! and Rode all the horses and just hung out! It has been great down here, The weather has been so nice. Not like @ home, Where Terry has had frost on the windshield everyday. Damn it winter is coming!

Anyways so we headed up to Panguitch Friday to do some Barrel Racing. I love Panguitch arena it is so nice! and all my horses love it there too! It was a pretty big weekend for us I have never paid my young horse Harley into a big barrel race all weekend. And this was the first time I did. Well Friday was amazing for me Tucker & Scooter both ended up in the 1D.. I about died! Harley did really well too he did not get scared of anything! so thats always a good thing! Saturday again was great Tucker won some money in the 2D and Harley won Money in the 4D. Poor Scooter and I hit barrels Saturday and Sunday but he ran so good I was so proud of the old man. Sunday was good also Tucker ran great again and just out of the money in the 1D and Harley won money in the 4D again! Yahoo!

Britlyn is growning so much and she just loves going to the barrel races! she kills me she loves being outside and hangout out with all the animals! She thinking our dogs Kelcee and Drake are so funny she just laughs @ Kelcee the whole time kelcee is walking on the leash. Brit is now helping me walk Kelcee!

She loves to put her fingers up the horses nose then of course put them in her mouth! YUMMIE.

So today we are still @ grandpa and grandma's just taking it easy we are all pretty tired from the long weekend.

I think we are going to head home tomorrow..... The house is coming along good still we are suppost to close next Friday the 19th so I hope all is still going well with that! Just can't wait to get into thehouse and everything set!


The Crazy Wolf Pack said...

Lindsay- Hi it's Shami. I did not know you have a little girl. She is beautiful. I can't decide who it is she looks like. Well I'm glad I found your blog. I love blogging. You have a cute family!!