Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finally Home~

Wow what a nice 2.5 weeks! I was in Southern Utah enjoying alot of hot weather! Now it is hard to come back to Wyoming weather! Well we got home lastnight @ midnight.. I left Southern Utah Tuesday and Terry came down to Henefer that night to see us then we went shopping Wednesday and Barrel Racing lastnight! Then we had to drive home so Terry could go back to work this morning.. So it was a long day yesterday.

So we are not closing on our house tomorrow DAMN IT.... But we will be closing next week so not too bad.

Wyoming State NBHA finals are this weekend so I think we will go and run barrels all weekend! Lucky Terry~ thats okay we will stock up on the BEER!

So Chablee as some of you all know moved to Texas right before IKE hit, but she made it safe and sound and was not out of power to long so that was good for them! She is enjoying it there she said I am so happy for them and can't wait to go see them.

Okay so I had to add this picture, I think it is so cute! I love how Britlyn is looking @ Harley in it!


The Norris Family said...

That is too cute, with Britlyn and your horse!!!!! She is going to be just like you and love to be with horses.