Monday, December 7, 2009


Wow it is so DAMN COLD outside! I did not even dare look at the temp! Brit had so much fun playing in the snow though! She was dressed warm I however was not!
She loves to wear hats & beanies! I have now lots my bling beanie to Brit!

Such a lil cutie!
I have know idea what she was thinking about in this one! I know she was mad I would not let her in the pasture with the boys though! She just kept saying SCOOD! aka Scooter one of my horses!
I love this one! Brit is getting so big and looks so big tell you put her next to Drake! The not so much!
LOVE this one! All you see is Drakes giant head!
Hope everyone enjoys the SNOW! Not that we are but I think it is here to stay now for a while!